optiBPO offshoring value map

The optiBPO value map helps organisations think about their growth drivers, and where and how an offshore team can support them. Opportunities exist across the value map to rapidly build teams that save cost, drive growth, create success, and enable new services to be delivered that are not justified onshore.

Click on the strategic drivers of Revenue, Service Delivery, Asset Efficiency or Manage Expectations to reveal how our clients are creating value with their offshore team.
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  1. Value
    1. Revenue
      1. Boost lead generation through additional research, data mining, and opportunity review
      2. Transform sales processes to push support tasks offshore (e.g. CRM updates, follow up)
      3. Strengthen account management through additional customer engagement
      1. Get New Customer
        1. Lead Generation
        2. Business Development
        3. Sales Support
      2. Retain Current Customers
        1. Account Management
    2. Service Delivery
      Service Delivery
      1. Sharpen digital marketing through content creation and social media management
      2. Extend customer service through increased hours, and greater bandwidth
      3. Enhance order processing through improved efficiency and responsiveness
      1. Enhance Marketing & Creativity
        1. Marketing Administration
        2. Design and Print
      2. Create New Products & Services
        1. Develop
        2. Test
      3. Manage Customer Expectations
        1. Customer Service
        2. Order Fulfillment
    3. Asset Efficiency
      Asset Efficiency
      1. Streamline Purchasing and Logistics through improved efficiency, and enhanced monitoring
      2. Improve transactional processing, including Accounts Payable, through improved efficiency
      3. Increase cash collections, through enhanced Accounts Receivable
      1. Optimise Inventory
        1. Purchasing
        2. Logistics
      2. Manage Working Capital
        1. Accounts Payable
        2. Accounts Receivable
    4. Manage Expectations
      Manage Expectations
      1. Gain additional business insights through enhanced Accounting (e.g. reporting, forecasting, cashflow)
      2. Increase Technology Support through increased hours and greater bandwidth
      3. Enhance HR Administration through improved efficiency
      1. Ensure Integrity
        1. Accounting
        2. Contract Administration
      2. Provide Enabling Technology
        1. Develop
        2. Support
      3. Manage Human Resources
        1. HR Administration
  • Engineering
  • Drafting
  • Estimating
  • Production Scheduling
  • Annotation
  • Transcription
  • Database Management
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Research
  • Business Intelligence