How We Work

After an initial honeymoon period, many offshore operations "hit the wall", as reality sets in and design flaws in processes and systems are uncovered. We manage that risk by starting small, clearly defining scope, proving the concept, building confidence and then extending.

Our Model

Recruit the right people

In consultation with you, optiBPO will assist you to recruit and engage suitably qualified staff that will be a natural extension of your team.

Manage individual and
team performance

We will work with you to manage the performance of your team, ensuring they are engaged. This includes performance reporting, incentive structures, engagement initiatives and disciplinary measures when necessary

Provide first grade offices

Your team will work out of our first grade offices in the Philippines, working your chosen business hours.

Provision of technology

We will provide all software and equipment including networking, servers and telecommunications. Additional systems can be provided as required

Manage time & attendance

We will provide time & attendance monitoring, and work floor supervision, and will report on the performance of your team.

Manage payroll & benefits

We will manage all payroll and benefits, including employee and employer benefits. These costs will be completely transparent to you.

Ensure compliance & providing for staff

All local employee taxes are managed by us and your team will be provided the necessary health and life insurance under our group policy.